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Your Baking Reading List: Books & Magazines

Print media may be on the decline, but there’s nothing quite like a glossy, coffee-table-worthy magazine in your hands — or propped up in your kitchen, as you flip through it for, say, recipes or merely for inspiration. In homage to such hard-copy publications, particularly those that cater to bakers, here’s a list of our top picks.

Bon Appétit. Billed as America’s favorite food and entertaining magazine, Bon Appétit dates back to the 1950s, and today it packs over 75 recipes, including fabulous desserts, into every issue of the award-winning publication.

Southern Living. You don’t have to live in the Southern United States to appreciate the scrumptious dessert recipes (for any and every occasion) featured within this publication. Food (and breathtaking photos of said food) is one of the magazine’s core editorial pillars.

Martha Stewart Living. Martha knows food, and this magazine features her tried-and-true recipes, from so-called Hi-Hat cupcakes (an ode to childhood and to Devil’s Food Cake) to individual Boston Cream Pie cupcakes (a bite-sized version of the iconic dessert) — and everything in between.

Dessert Professional. Several former dessert trade pubs (Chocolatier, Pastry Art and Design, and Frozen Desserts) came together to form this magazine, one that caters to chefs in the dessert industry and leads in the area of dessert media. Chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and cake artists will particularly appreciate the tips and tricks (and recipes!) from other industry professionals.

Food and Wine. This monthly magazine aims to keep you inspired and eat better than ever. And mouthwatering new recipes, including Flutternutter Cupcakes and Blueberry Flax Seed Muffins, are added to the online version of the magazine on a daily basis.