Your Baking DVR List

It might be more apropos to call this blog “your streaming list,” because with streaming and on-demand television today, who needs the DVR anymore? You can watch something online when the mood strikes. And if you’re not in the mood for binging on a dark, gritty drama or a light-hearted sitcom, try binging on one of these cooking/baking/eating series.

Cupcake Wars. This Food Network reality competition features four top cupcake bakers facing off each week in a series of elimination challenges. The baker who produces the most unique or professionally styled cupcake takes home a sweet prize.

The Great British Bake Off. Known also as GBBO, or The Great British Baking Show in the U.S., this show has been revamped since it first aired on the BBC, but it’s no less revered. Fans swoon for this competition, which aims to winnow down contestants and find the best amateur baker.

The Mind of a Chef. If competitions aren’t necessarily your thing, check out this harmonious medley of cooking, travel, history, and science. TV personality Anthony Bourdain narrates and restaurateur David Chang hosts this PBS series that takes a close look at the art of cuisine.

Good Eats. Explore the origins of ingredients, laugh at the unconventional factoids, and journey with host Alton Brown through the fundamentals of how food is made and, sometimes, modified. Brown has said his aim to combine Julia Child and Monty Python. What could be better?