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Foods That Go Great with Banana Bread

Everybody knows what brown bananas pair nicely with, and it’s not the trash can.

If you still throw away bananas because they’ve started to go bad, it’s time to rethink this practice. Your old fruit is perfect for a new banana bread loaf, mini banana bread cubes, or banana bread muffins or cupcake. It’s also perfect for breakfast or brunch (standalone or alongside eggs and bacon), a healthy snack, or a decadent dessert (served in conjunction with vanilla ice cream, perhaps) — the possibilities are endless.

And while plain banana bread is anything but plain (especially served warm), consider throwing some other ingredients into the batter for variety. Fresh or frozen blueberries work well, as do cranberries or chunks of apple. Consider using a handful of chocolate chips or a quarter cup of coconut, or even a spoonful of peanut butter or Greek yogurt. You can also up the banana quotient to keep the end result as true to its banana flavor (and potassium content) as possible. Dust the end product with powdered sugar or spread a dollop of butter or hazelnut spread on top and you’re good to go. In truth, banana bread pairs best with the act of cleaning out your pantry and/or fridge, as it allows you to toss in all of the leftover ingredients that you might otherwise throw away.

And finally, in terms of what to serve alongside banana bread, a tall glass of cold milk always works (dunking is optional), as does a pot of fragrant coffee.