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France — A Dessert Tour of a Faraway Location

While there is some dispute as to whether Marie Antoinette actually said, “Let them eat cake,” there is no doubt that the French love to eat cake — or at the very least, dessert. In this post, we continue our culinary journey across the pond and take a look at some classic French desserts.

Nutella soufflés. Ah, soufflés. They have the reputation of being difficult to prepare. But as the French know, they are not as intimidating as they sound if you follow a few simple rules: Do not overbeat your egg whites, fold them ever-so-gently into your batter, and never, ever open the oven while baking. For even easier (and yummier!) prep, use chocolate-hazelnut spread as the main ingredient, use an oven-proof mug or even our bakeware for individual servings, and top with a dollop of whipped cream.

Madeleines. The perfect complement to hot tea or strong coffee, madeleines are small, spongy cakes with a long history in France. They are traditionally made in so-called madeleine trays but can just as easily be prepared in our baking cups. You’ll often find madeleine recipes that call for ground nuts or lemon rind, and a jam coating is a nice addition, as well.

Canelés. Another signature French dessert that pairs well with tea is the canelé, which originated in the Bordeaux region of the country. Like soufflés, they are not thought of as a quick-fix item, but if you use our bakeware or a muffin tin, you’re well on your way. The end result is delicate custard center protected by a distinctive, caramelized crust and the exquisite taste of vanilla or rum in every bite. Heavenly!