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What Music Can Teach Us about Baking

Music holds great power over our lives. It can inspire us to greater heights of emotion, it can add pizzazz and vitality to an otherwise dull day, and it can jump-start our creativity.

But let’s face it, baking can do all of these things, too. And if you’re a home baker, you already know this, but it’s worth reiterating — and it’s worth underscoring what music and baking have in common.

Music is a universal language. Music can transcend the spoken word and stand alone as a form of communication. Similarly, if you’ve ever baked for someone — a loved one, a neighbor, or even a stranger — you know that this act speaks louder than words. Baking is a language that resonates across all boundaries and barriers.

Music sparks the imagination. All of the arts, music included, have the power to unlock creativity and engage the right side of the brain. By the same token, a creative baker, if you will, isn’t afraid to try new things. So the next time you start baking, try a new ingredient. Deviate from the recipe. Infuse your personality into the finished product. Take risks (after all, it’s your kitchen).

Music makes life more enjoyable. Music has been shown to reduce stress and improve your mood (dopamine, anyone? Some studies say that the brain releases this chemical when you listen to a song.). It makes you look at life’s moments in a new light. Baking has similar strengths. It has the power to whisk you away from your troubles and boost your mood. Life is sweeter when you’re baking.

So stock up on some of our free-standing baking cups, turn on some tunes, and savor what life, music, and baking have to offer.