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We Love Summer: Best Poolside Baked Goods

Ah, summer, the season of plunges in the pool.

And as summer heats up, and the pool looks more and more promising, you’ll need to brush up on your repertoire of pool-worthy baked goods. We have some ideas for cool concoctions that pair perfectly with swimming.

Key lime cupcakes. You don’t have to live in Florida to appreciate these citrus creations. Made with lime’s smaller sibling, key lime cupcakes are big on zesty (yet still sweet) flavor. Add a little lemon curd and/or top with a key lime buttercream frosting for extra summer tang.

Peach crumble muffins. Forget cobblers; crumble muffins are the way to go when hosting a pool party. Peaches are a perennial summer fruit, but sub out for berries if you prefer. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream — perfect for waterlogged swimmers.

Sponge cake. Unlike some of its denser cake cousins, sponge cake is always delicate, light and airy — and a classic summer favorite. Use a simple recipe — the internet offers plenty you can make with only five ingredients — and take advantage of our loaf pans for convenience sake, and top with fresh fruit for deliciousness sake.  

Lemon tarts. Luscious lemon tarts are guaranteed showstoppers and the dessert equivalent of a dip in the pool. They can easily be made in our baking cups, perfect for handing out at the end of your poolside barbeque. Top each with a halo of light cream and a sprig of fresh mint, or dust with powdered sugar and enjoy.