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We Love Summer Series: The Best Seaside Baked Goods

One of this summer’s hottest musical hits is DNCE’s catchy debut song “Cake By The Ocean.” And the idea of eating cake — or anything sweet — by the ocean is a good idea indeed. There’s the warmth of the sun on your face, the lull of the waves, the endless blue of the ocean — and the taste of a delicious treat in your mouth.

Not all treats are beach-worthy, so here is an agreeable assortment of seaside-friendly desserts.

  • Bar cookies. Use nuts or dried fruit in lieu of chocolate, which could melt. Perfect for hungry swimmers.
  • Shortbread cookies. Crisp and light, these buttery confections work well with a little extra salt for just the right combo of salty-sweet goodness.
  • Thumbprint cookies. Again, opt for fruit in lieu of chocolate in these colorful, bite-sized goodies.
  • Homemade granola bars. Healthy and homemade, granola bars can take whatever direction you wish depending on the ingredients you choose. Start with old-fashioned oats and work your way to coconut and almonds, honey and brown sugar. Vary as you desire; some recipes don’t even require baking.
  • Carrot or lemon-poppy seed cupcakes. The epitome of lightness and moistness, these cupcakes can be frozen before you head out, so that they’ll be just right when you hit the beach.
  • Angel food cake. With a reputation as the airiest cake around, angel food cake (or cupcakes!) is perfect for warm weather. Cut into slices and put into individual baggies for easy distribution on the beach.

As an alternative, you can go for beach-themed baked goods, like starfish-shaped cookies or cupcakes with beachy decorations, which are perfect no matter where you are. The ocean is optional.