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What Yoga Can Teach Us About Baking

Yoga may be an ancient practice, but it’s one of the best modern-day things you can do for your body, mind and soul. Studies show that yoga practitioners have more energy and fewer injuries, increased strength and decreased stress. On the surface, it may seem like yoga and baking have little in common. Not so. Keep reading for commonalities between the two and why baking is also good for your health.

Reduced stress. Just as downward facing dog and other yoga poses can bring about inner peace, so too can baking. Baking engages your creative side and shifts your thoughts from your worries to your ingredients and what you’re doing with them. It activates your senses as you focus on what you see, touch, smell, hear, and of course, taste. And when you bake for others, you generate feel-good emotions, for yourself and for the recipient.

No barriers. Just as anyone can practice yoga — from experienced yogis to newbies — with little more than a mat, so too can anyone bake. If you want special equipment, there’s plenty available, but it’s not a requirement. In fact, our bakeware and baking cups are free-standing, meaning you don’t even need metal tins.  

Longevity. This point can take on a couple of different meanings. Yes, exercise — including yoga — can increase your life expectancy. But on another note, consider how long yoga has been around. Similarly, baking is an ancient practice with a long history. It allows you to disconnect from technology and take part in something that brought people joy thousands of years ago, just as it does today.