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​Cupcakes: They’re Not Just for Birthday Parties Anymore

Quintessential birthday party fare, cupcakes were quite the sensation when they burst onto the scene in the 17th century, and they remain so today – with good reason. While cupcakes are the perfect complement to a birthday party, these versatile treats are perfect for many other events as well, including weddings, office parties, elections, national holidays, baby showers, tailgates, and much more. Explore several unexpected occasions in which you can serve cupcakes.
Weddings. There’s something almost romantic about unwrapping a cupcake and taking a bite, and what is a wedding if not romantic? In lieu of a massive wedding cake, many brides and grooms are opting for wedding cupcakes. They can be elaborately frosted and decorated, as well as personalized. Some couples opt for different cupcakes for each table at the reception or hand them out as take-home favors. And of course Welcome Home Brands bakeware has a myriad of design options to give them added panache.
March Madness. Basketball season is upon us, and the annual NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Championship series provides a prime opportunity to gather together with friends and family, cheer on your favorite team and enjoy some sports-inspired cupcakes. Frost them in the colors of your alma mater (with complementary liners, of course) or whip up some orange and black basketball cupcakes to honor all of the hoops.
Mother’s Day. Another event that is rapidly approaching is Mother’s Day, and this special holiday provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate Mom with lovely, delicious cupcakes. Decorate them with swirled flowers and match them to our liners. If you’re not confident in your decorating abilities, simply buy some ready-made decorations. Bon appétit!
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