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Foods That Go Great with Blueberry Muffins

Ah, the blueberry. Such a little fruit, but it packs such a big punch. Rich in everything that’s good for you (antioxidants, anyone?) and uber tasty, too. Those fresh little fruits gleaming in muffins fresh from the oven first thing in the morning are quite a sight to behold. And while they can certainly stand alone, it never hurts to pair them with the breakfast or brunch accompaniment. Here’s a look at what works:

  • Eggs. Hard-boiled or creamy scrambled eggs served on a warm plate provide the protein, and then you get a little sweetness on the side.
  • Cheese. Try an extra-sharp cheddar or a soft goat cheese for the best pairing.
  • Other fruits. Other berries such as raspberries work well alongside their blue cousins, as do cherries, apricots, or sliced green apples.  
  • Chocolate. If you’re already thinking about your antioxidant intake, why not go with dark chocolate? The dark chocolate flavor works well with blueberry muffins, but really, you can’t go wrong with milk or white chocolate, either. Throw some chocolate chips in the muffin batter, or drizzle a little chocolate on top of the muffins themselves.
  • Coffee or milk. A tall, cold glass of milk is the yummiest drink to serve with a warm muffin, and pot of strong coffee is also a must. If you’re celebrating and the occasion calls for it, lace your coffee with a little bourbon or whiskey, which will bring out the muffin’s fruity notes.

And for the garnish, a sprig of mint is consummate blueberry complement.