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Baking with Seasonal Fruit: Blackberries

Perhaps you're lucky enough to live near a blackberry patch this summer — if not, head to the store or a local fruit stand and grab some of these sweet, scrumptious little berries and get ready for some exciting new recipes! Blackberries exude a feeling of rustic country cooking and add a bit of eccentricity and vibrancy to any recipe that calls for sweet, fruity flavor. Because they're a bit more seedy and tangy than their blue and red counterparts, blackberries maintain an almost exotic status among the summer berry bunch, making any recipe that calls for them instantly exciting. Whether you're using them to add sweetness to a savory dish or a bit of tartness to a traditionally sweet cake or dessert, blackberries are the perfect happy medium between sweet and sour that makes them such a fun summertime staple. 

This slideshow from Serious Eats features everything you need for summer snacking, from a boozy parfait to a jam for topping all of your other fun baking adventures or current bakery staples. The first delectable treat on this recipe list is a gorgeous Blackberry and White Chocolate Layer Cake, which is a perfect baking occasion for trying our free-standing cake pans! These Blackberry Crumb Muffins would brighten any summer morning in our brightly polka-dotted paper baking cups or adorable yellow plastic baking cups. Browse this mouth-watering list, find a berry patch (or grocery store) and start picking!