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Summer Vacation Travel Snacks

The end of summer is looming on the horizon, but maybe you're taking the family on one last fun vacation in the sun! These super-packable, healthier baked treats will take your family road trip car ride from "are we there yet" to sweet, sweet peace and quiet!

These naturally sweetened Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey & Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies feature a dash of sprinkles to win over even your pickiest snacker, even though the actual processed sweetener is on the low side. Got a little extra zucchini from a friend's summer garden harvest? These amazingly moist Chocolate Zucchini Brownies rely on applesauce — and yes, zucchini — for their perfectly gooey texture! There's no added sugar except for the chocolate chips, so you can feel great about feeding these to your little back seat snackers (maybe pack some extra napkins, though). This Ultimate Healthy Monkey Bread recipe is a perfect new favorite to try in our easy, free-standing Bundt cake pans. We love that using these disposable baking pans makes cleanup and traveling with our yummiest new recipes a breeze! This recipe uses homemade, whole-wheat dough and a cinnamon-spiced, caramel-like coating and is only 120 calories per serving! What a fun breakfast treat to pack for the road if you're leaving early in the morning! No matter where you're headed, your next car trip is about to be so much sweeter.