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Baking for the Generations Series: Millennials

There has been study after published study about what the generation known as millennials want. Perhaps this is because they are somewhat difficult to pin down — is it true that they don’t want to work hard or that they value hard work? — but more likely it’s because they wield so much influence. Food matters to them, and they wield tremendous influence with their food choices, with the key word being choice. Millennials, born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s, are used to having choices. Not only that, they expect the unexpected.

So in honor of millennials, here are some unexpected dessert options and ingredients that you can add to your baking repertoire:

  • Goat cheese in lieu of cream cheese — perfect paired with berries!
  • Mayonnaise to increase the moistness of your cupcakes
  • Coca-Cola cake in honor of the South
  • Secretly healthy sweet potato cupcakes
  • Brownie mix muffins
  • Baked goods made with beets for natural sweetness and a boost of antioxidants (Hint: Goes great with chocolate!)
  • Dried lavender as a luscious inclusion in your recipes
  • Wine-infused desserts — no more throwing away leftover wine
  • Creamy avocado frosting
  • Black bean brownies for a protein punch
  • The addition of tofu to provide density to recipes
  • Sea salt in lieu of regular salt — excellent with caramel
  • Roasted strawberries as a topping to make you swoon

And the list goes on. Any of these options is sure to boost your baking cred far into the stratosphere. And if you’re baking for a millennial, you’ve potentially won over an entire generation!