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Baking for the Generations: Generation X

They’re not Baby Boomers, and they’re not Millennials. As a result, they don’t always get the attention they deserve, but they are unique.

They may have been latchkey kids and played with Ataris. They probably watched Saturday morning cartoons and grew up with the original "Star Wars" movies. And in terms of food, they were familiar with Jiffy Pop, Sloppy Joes and anything set in gelatin.

They’re Generation X, and while there are no hard and fast dates, they came along roughly between the mid 1960s and the late 1970s.

In honor of our extensive line of baking cups, perfect for any kind of muffin or cupcake, we’re going to focus on two Gen X-inspired goodies.

Morning Glory Muffins. The story is that these babies originated in a Nantucket café in the late 1970s and that Gourmet magazine published the official recipe in the early 1980s. Whatever their roots, Morning Glory Muffins are chock full of a bit of everything — carrots, apples, raisins, cinnamon — and they are here to stay. Perfect as a meal in itself and/or with a tall glass of milk.

Hostess CupCakes. What child of the generation known as X doesn’t remember these chocolate-iced, vanilla crème-filled icons? (Or Twinkies, for that matter?) While the company has faced some financial woes over the years, Hostess is often credited with the first mass-produced cupcake. But who needs mass production? The internet is full of recipes that will let you make homemade Hostess cupcakes, complete with the signature white icing across the top.

Anyone else feeling nostalgic?